Film Series

A place of hope and hospitality for the world.

Partnering with the Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Institute

The Sisters of Benet Hill Monastery desire to educate and enlighten the community about contemporary issues and how people of extraordinary strength and faith inspire us through their ways of handling adversity. Please join us for the discussion following each movie.

All films are shown on Friday at 6:30 PM and are FREE, but we do ask you to REGISTER HERE for planning purposes.

Please scroll below for our 2019-2020 Film Series schedule.

Sept. 13, 2019 ~ The IF Project
Women are the fastest growing segment of the incarcerated population, increasing at nearly double the rate of men since 1985. This film explores the reasons behind these staggering numbers by intimately following a Seattle police officer and the writing workshop she created with inmates at a maximum security women’s prison.

Oct. 18, 2019 ~ Hear and Now
A documentary directed by Irene Taylor Brodsky about her deaf parents who decided to get cochlear implants at age 65. It turns out to be a complicated journey from the comfortable world of silence to a profoundly challenging world of sounds and language. 

Jan. 17, 2020 ~ Breakfast at Ina’s & Pickle
Ina Pinkney is a Chicago legend and has been feeding Chicagoans for 33 years. Faced with the late stages of polio, Ina has decided to close the doors of her beloved breakfast nook. The film gives us a glimpse into Ina’s extraordinary life while chronicling the last days of the restaurant.

Mar. 13, 2020 ~ Lessons From a School Shooting: Notes from Dunblane
After the events of the Sandy Hook Massacre, a priest from Dunblane, Scotland, reached out to offer his support to a priest in the area. The resulting film follows these two men as they sort through their personal sadness and how gun violence has harmed their congregations.

May 1, 2020 ~ Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405
This thoughtful documentary profiles a brilliant, but tortured 56-year-old artist named Mindy Alper, who channels her depression and anxiety into her work. We get an intimate look at her life along with flashes of Mindy’s impressive art.