Human Trafficking-Prevention

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The Sisters of Benet Hill Monastery continue their mission of providing awareness and education of current social justice issues to the Colorado Springs Community

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Listen to an informative podcast on this Human Trafficking Series with Sister Rose Ann Barmann, OSB

5th Annual Human Trafficking   Prevention Series

You are invited to this 4 session series that addresses the cultural and systemic brokenness that feeds and fuels Human Trafficking locally, nationally and globally.

This series is for you… Parents, Grandparents, Coaches, Teachers, Counselors, Teens and Pre-teens

Place: PPLD 21C Venue Room at 1175 Chapel Hills Dr,Colo. Spgs. Please PARK in the east parking lot.

Dates: Monday Evenings: January 27, 2020,  February 3, 10 and 17, 2020

Time:  6:30 pm -8:15 pm

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Session 1  Monday, January 27:“A Survivor’s Story- From Captivity to Catalyst”~ Jenni Jessen

Jenni is an American survivor of human trafficking, she knows the depths of trauma a body can endure but she also knows the great lengths Jesus will go to redeem those held in captivity. Jenni was sold into the sex trade at the age of four, but says, “God provided for her rescue and escape at the age of 17”. Jenni and her husband, KJ are founders and directors of Compass 31, a ministry that provides a holistic model of restoration which includes safe housing, educational scholarships and daycare for young women rescued from exploitation. Learn more about their work: 


The Human Trafficking Event scheduled for February 3 has been Rescheduled for Monday, February 24th at the same time and place. 

Session 2  Monday, February 24

“Connecting the Dots: Cultural and Systemic Ills that Fuel Human Trafficking”

Wendy Smith, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner & Medical Awareness Team Leader

Pornography and sex trafficking are co-dependent health crises that are on the rise. Victims of trafficking interact with the healthcare system many times during their abuse. Healthcare professionals are well positioned to be first responders. 

Efforts to combat sex trafficking must include addressing our systemic ills: 1) raising awareness regarding the role pornography plays along with poverty and homelessness, 2) training health care professionals to recognize and intervene on behalf of sex trafficked victims, and 3) mandated reporting of abortions below age of consent with immediate referral to child protective services. 

Session 3  Monday, February 10: “Addressing the DEMAND: MAN to MAN” ~ Geremy Keeton Invitation to this SPECIAL SESSION is for men and teen boys only

This short film titled “Addressing the Demand: Man to Man”, will be shown. The film’s discussion guide focuses on men. Geremy Keeton, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and his colleagues will facilitate a discussion to help men walk in personal wholeness and sexual integrity. While topics addressed are mature, we welcome minors accompanied by fathers and/or grandfathers as well as teens age 15 or older to include in this discussion of a healthy vision of manhood and masculinity.

Geremy Keeton is the director of the counseling services department of Focus on the Family. He leads Focus’ team of mental health clinicians and pastoral specialists while they serve as safe and trusted guides on a wide range of family-related issues. Keeton majored in human communication and Christian ministry and completed graduate studies in Marriage & Family Therapy at Abilene Christian University. He has extensive experience in counseling men and couples on topics of healthy sexuality, infidelity and pornography addiction. Geremy lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and three children.


Session 4  Monday, February 17: “Introducing: BAKHITA MOUNTAIN HOME: A Residential Community for Adult Women Recovered from Human Trafficking” ~ Bakhita Mountain Home-Founding Group

VISION Statement: Bakhita Mountain Home is a community where love heals, restores and empowers women impacted by human trafficking. The home provides space for safety, privacy, community building, therapy, exercise, cooking/dining and leisure activities as well opportunities for reflection and experiencing the beauty of nature. Each woman will have an individual goal-oriented program to assist her in becoming self-sufficient and re-integrated into society as healthy and productive members. Women experience healing through three components:

Safe Haven, Trauma-informed therapy, Life enhancing skills.