Sister Ana Cloughly, OSB

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Sister Ana Cloughly, a native of Long Island, New York, came to Colorado Springs in 1992. In 1993 she became acquainted with Benet Hill by participating in the Scripture Program with Sister Diane Liston, graduating in 1997. While working in Campus Ministry at Colorado College and UCCS she deepened her connection by participating in the Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program, graduating in 2006 and entering the monastery as an affiliate that same year.

Completing her years of monastic formation in 2014, Sister Ana speaks of her choice to make her perpetual profession in this way. “I have chosen monastic profession in the Benet Hill community because I feel it is here that I am best able to deepen my baptismal covenant with God and live the gospel. The aspect of communal living that I enjoy the most is that we do everything together for the good of all. The “Vows” are my commitment to live this life of togetherness focused on God. In my monastic profession, I join my “yes” to Mary’s yes and to the yes of so many Benedictine women over the centuries, particularly to the yes of the women of Benet Hill Monastery. It is my sincere desire that together with my sisters, my life too will “proclaim the greatness of my God”.

Sister Ana shares her gifts as a spiritual director as well as in writing, teaching, leading retreats and service as the Director of the Contemplative Vision Ministry. Her love for liturgical prayer is strengthened by service as Sacristan and as a Worship team member.

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