The Pioneers

A place of hope and hospitality for the world.
“We’ve been pioneers. We’ve helped start Benet Hill Academy. We’ve upheld her name in history, Latin and speech contests. We’ve set some of the traditions that will stay with her long after we’re gone. We’ve proven ourselves and our school. We’ve shown other people what a brand new school can do.”

Jane Strieby-Benevents, April 1964


Dorothea Alfonsin; Sandy Bishop; Ellen Depatie; Margaret Dinmore; Mary duBois; Linda Erpelding; Margaret Griebel; Bonita Holmquist; Susan Huber; Theresa Hurd; Alice Kuhn; Deborah Magninie; Kathleen McLaughlin; Patti Parsons; Elizabeth Rodgers; Nancy Teschner


Carol Abrahams; Barbara Bouchard; Mary Ellen Delaney; Maureen Ferguson; Barbara Freeh; Yvonne Johanson; Karen Kaltenbacher; Jane Kotzur; Vanna Looney; Pamela McDonald; Mary Elizabeth Murray; Connie Nachtrab; Nichele Newbill; Suzanne O’Donnell; Naomi Paddon; Katherine Potter; Sandra Rockers; Jane Ann Strieby; Kris Urig; Kathie Vidmar; Janice Waugh