Seven days to honor the women who care for earth and you all year long

Catholic Sisters Week

The sisters kindly request no gifts for themselves

If you would like to honor the Benedictine Sisters of Benet Hill Monastery, they ask that you make a donation to help members of our community experiencing food insecurity. In Colorado today, 475,000 people are facing hunger daily, and nearly 150,000 of them are children. The sisters believe that no one in our community should go hungry so that’s why they’re partnering with Westside Cares of Colorado Springs to gather food supplies. 

Let’s each do our own small part to say thank you to a Catholic Sister. Together, let’s Stuff a Truck full of food supplies for Westside Cares! Click below for the flyer detailing food supplies needed and when the truck will be available.

Learn about our community partner

Westside Cares

The Sisters of Benet Hill Monastery are partnering with Westside Cares of Colorado Springs for Catholic Sisters Week. We find their mission, vision, and values to be remarkably Benedictine in nature!

Their mission is to provide care and compassion to our neighbors in need.

Their vision is a community that honors the dignity of every neighbor.

Their values are Welcoming, Honoring, and Serviing.

Pray with the sisters march 8 - 14, 2023

A Prayer for Catholic Sisters Week

Loving, ever present God,

We ask your blessing on all the Catholic Sisters throughout the world who have served your people for so many years. For the hospitals and schools that they built and staffed, we give thanks. For the services they continue to provide to poor and marginalized communities, we give thanks. For their humility, love, and professionalism, we give thanks. For their recognition and support for the dignity of each living being, we give thanks.

During this Catholic Sisters Week, we especially ask you to bless the sisters, oblates, and friends of Benet Hill Monastery as we serve our community members who are suffering from food insecurity. Please be with our partners in this endeavor: Sisters’ Thrift & Boutique, Westside Cares, Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration of Colorado Springs, and St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Parish. Be with us, Loving God, as we gather in supplies for those who are suffering from food insecurity. And continue to be with us, God of Justice, as we work to address the inequitable systems that result in food insecurity.

Help us to act and truly believe that no one in our community should go hungry.

Are you part of our global, not local, Benet Hill community? Or no time to shop?

Get involved where you live

Food insecurity is a global issue. Find out how to help in your community and get involved. You may also make an online financial gift to Westside Cares. And please say the Prayer for Catholic Sisters Week to create energy for change around the world!