Sister Lucile Hartmann, OSB

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Lucile Margaret Hartmann was born July 18th in Salisbury, Missouri, to Joseph and Angeline Hartmann. Sister Lucy, as we call her, is one of 12 children, seven boys and five girls. Growing up on a 160-acre farm was a life filled with many chores: cooking, cleaning, and tending to the little children. Sister Lucy smiles at the happy memories of her childhood which included playing baseball every Sunday afternoon with the family. At age 19 she left the farm to attend Mount Saint Scholastica. She entered the convent in January 1959, and made final vows in 1962.

After years of education and teaching she worked at the Religious Education office of the Denver Archdiocese. Sister Lucy then went to Benet Hill Academy where she cooked and baked for the sisters and the students. She later worked in the Benet Hill Center office. She was a valued member of the Development Team, grocery shopper for the Monastery and was in charge of renting space of the Center and sports center. Sister Lucy has been the person in charge of all the bulk mailing, and is our Benet Hill Academy alumnae expert. Sister Lucy has committed to memory more names and information about people who are affiliated with the Monastery than any other individual.

Sister Lucy is known for her mouth-watering and delicious baked goods, and has the reputation of turning out scrumptious meals at the drop of a hat. The wonderful aroma of her cinnamon rolls and breads often greets the sisters and employees in the early morning hours. Those who come for the fourth Sunday anticipate the rolls, coffee and conversations that follow the Mass at the Monastery.

Sister Lucy is quiet and soft-spoken, but when asked to do something, she is efficient, tireless and friendly. In her unique way she speaks to the hunger in others. Jesus had five loaves and two fish to feed thousands. She feeds and shares her gifts of food and gifts of herself with all who call upon her. Sister Lucy greets all the guests, students and friends with a warm smile. She spends her evenings stitching and creating beautiful items for the Benet Gift Shop. Sister Lucy faithfully supports the alumnae and their families with calls, emails and especially comforts them when a loved one dies.

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