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Where nature and spirit meet

This is Benet Lane, the road that leads to the monastery, retreat houses, walking paths, and prayer sites. Please help keep our forest animal friends safe by driving the posted speed limit. (Note: there’s also a wicked curve ahead that has surprised a few visitors and we want you to be safe too!)

When you reach the monastery, you’ll be treated to a spectacular view of Tava, the Mountain of the Sun, when you step out of the car. Take a deep breath and smell the pine trees. Listen to the birds and wind moving all around you. Let your spirit simply be.

Wherever you are on your life’s journey, Benet Hill can be your spiritual refuge and resource.

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We aren't what you would imagine when you think of a monastery. Come and see for yourself.

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Administrative Assistant Cherie is a living, breathing example of Benedictine hospitality. Calling Cherie will get your questions answered the fastest. And she'll be happy to greet you at the front door when you arrive.