Everyone's path is unique

Your spiritual journey

There's more than one way to meet the Divine

Just as there are many names for God, there are many paths to dwell in the presence of the Divine. At Benet Hill, no one will “should” on you. Here you are listened to with respect, love and compassion.

Connect with the Divine in nature

For some people, simply walking in a forest and pausing to listen is communing with the Divine. If that’s what you need right now, you are welcome to walk the monastery grounds.

We are all seeking something

Where are you on your spiritual journey?

Let curiosity guide the way

Kindness to yourself is key on this journey. Take time to be still. Listen. Read. Write down your questions, and when you’re ready to talk with someone who has likely asked the same questions, we are ready to listen. Together, we will learn the wisdom that already lives deep in your heart.

"A gift has emerged within me to empower myself and to become aware and embrace the presence and movement of God in my life journey."