Sister Naomi Rosenberger, OSB

Be still and know that I am God."

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Birthday: November 29

In addition to the counsel offered in the above scripture passage, I experience God’s voice as “a whisper” in my heart (l Kings 19), leading me to live out the Gospel. These two passages have challenged me throughout my faith journey to go deeper within and listen to the quiet voice of the Creator speaking to me. I believe that unnecessary chatter, distraction, and noise keep us from really listening to the quiet voice of God.

I am a charter member of Benet Hill Monastery. I was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and grew up two younger sisters, Patricia and Saundra, who are a great gift in my life. My two younger siblings arrived after I thought I was an only child! My parents and grandparents had a great influence on my faith development. My mother was devoted to prayer and trusting in the Divine Presence. My love of horses and riding was given to me by my father who gifted me with a Shetland pony when I was old enough to ride. I am grateful to my grandfather who fostered and encouraged my vocation in early childhood through the traditions of the Catholic Church in Eucharist, devotions and prayer. The only question I had was where I would serve God in my calling. I was leaning toward the Carmelites because of my study of the writings of St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Teresa of Avila, but my lived experience of the Benedictine Sisters in high school won me over.

The qualities that attracted me to the Benedictine sisters were their compassionate outreach toward students, sensitivity, strength and recognition of each person as unique. The sisters were living examples of how to honor others for their abilities in academia, art, music, liturgy, and other gifts. I had the knowledge of a call deep within my heart to become a sister in high school, but I did not respond to the call until two years after graduation.  I was attending Mass and listening to a homily when the priest talked about “When? When will you respond?” I knew that God was saying ”the time is now-what are you waiting for?”

My vocation led me to opportunities in education, travel and a life filled with challenging and enriching experiences. I enjoy nurturing the interior experience of prayer and closeness to God I feel in community. My greatest and most enriching experience as a sister was while on mission in Jamaica. I worked with the gifted and talented Bishop, Paul Michael Boyle, C.P., in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mandeville, Jamaica. Serving as his Chancellor provided me with countless opportunities to use my talents and gifts. I assisted him with establishing a diocese and building an infrastructure to sustain it. We sisters invited homeless and orphaned children into our convent home. These people of faith live in hope and trust and exhibit the Gospel values in their daily journey. We served numerous women and children (many of whom suffered intense personal and physical hardships) which brought about the deep awareness of global oneness within me. It was a profound experience and daily reminder that we must all respond to the cry of the poor.

I loved my mission work because it made a difference in the lives of women and children. Opal is one example: She was a  special child, discovered at age seven, in a dire situation. She weighed only 14 pounds and was suffering from severe malnutrition. Airlifted to Boston Children’s Hospital, Opal was beloved by all who came into her presence. It matters not what kind of house you live in, how much money you may have made, what kind of car you drive, or how important you may be … what is important is to have made a difference in the life of one child.

I enjoy reading, listening to classical music and playing games. My favorite board game is backgammon, and I love solving Sudoku. I am an avid sports fan of the Broncos, Notre Dame and the Yankees.

Programs & Services

- Benet Hill Academy alumnae ministry
- Prayer ministry

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