Ministry of Spiritual Direction

A place of hope and hospitality for the world.

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By Sister Therese O’Grady, Coordinator for Spiritual Direction

Each person seeking spiritual direction may have a specific need or focus and we offer a variety of approaches. Each sister who ministers in spiritual direction has her own style and personality-we can prayerfully match you to a sister or you may have someone in mind. No matter where you live in the country, we offer this ministry through: face to face, by telephone, and online by teleconferencing via“the cloud”. All spiritual direction is confidential and secure with our technology.

The Sisters of Benet Hill invite you to explore your relationship with God through spiritual direction. Please make your initial contact with Sister Therese O’Grady and she will help you find a Spiritual Director.

“I believe each person has the capacity to meet the Divine within them.”

– Sister Mary Glenn, OSB Whitewater Community

“My intention when companioning with an individual in spiritual direction is: Listen, Listen, Listen.”

– Sister Susan Matarrese, OSB

“I mostly try to listen and affirm the goodness and beauty of my directees. Together we try to see the bigger picture-we use our imaginations.”

– Sister Anne Madeleine Brost, OSB Whitewater Community

“Listening and responding to the profound mystery and movement of the Holy Spirit in the heart of the person.”

– Sister Rose Ann Barmann, OSB


Spiritual Direction is an opportunity to grow in your spiritual life.

Spiritual Director’s role is to LISTEN AND HONOR your story and your desire to grow closer to God.

It is engagement of the heart between God, you and your Director.

It is a discerning process, a way of life, a listening to and discovering God’ preference in your life.

Confidentiality…time together is sacred…all is held in strict confidence.


Spiritual Direction is a ministry of Benet Hill Monastery.
Spiritual Directors are available to journey with you.
We do this onsite, online, and by phone.

Fee: a donation or a stipend

Please make your initial contact with Sister Therese O’Grady, Coordinator for Spiritual Direction and she will help you find a Spiritual Director.


Phone: (719) 473-8764