Benet Hill Academy

A place of hope and hospitality for the world.
In 1960, the Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica Community, Atchison, Kansas, purchased the former San Luis Ranch School for Girls from Marie Potter. The property, located on North Chelton Road in Colorado Springs, served as the site for a new Benedictine Foundation in the state of Colorado. In time, as circumstances permitted, the Benedictine Sisters of this new foundation would establish a private academy for high school girls.

History was made on September 4, 1963, when at 8:45 a.m., sixteen sophomores and twenty-one freshman arrived at 2555 N. Chelton Road to start a new school year, the birth of Benet Hill Academy!

These young women joined with the sisters who were involved in that pioneer adventure (The Pioneers). The passage of time has not prevented them from describing the activities held in that large priory building. They remember the location of the chapel, library, biology lab, music room and principal’s office. To the rear of this building resided a concrete structure built directly into the Bluffs and architecturally designed as a replica of a castle in Spain. Here, as students, they engaged in drama, theatre and foreign language activities through the use of an electronic language laboratory. Sister Alice Marie Hays, OSB described this moment in A Song in the Pines: “The Benedictine Sisters came to teach, and thirty-seven girls cam to learn. Sister Liguori Sullivan, the principal and biology instructor, prayed, taught, looked into the future and believed–believed with the faith of all pioneers that the enrollment of thirty-seven girls would grow to two hundred and more, believed that the improvised classrooms would one day become a functional new building–a recognizable academy.”

Remember our Beloved Benet Hill Academy Alumnae who Passed into Eternity

Priory Building

Marian Hall – Rear of Priory