Sister Margaret Meaney, OSB

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Sister Margaret was born in The Great Northwest. She is the youngest of five siblings. For the majority of her life she lived in the Eastern part of the country. Before coming to Benet Hill Monastery, she worked in the Washington DC office of a global law firm. She has been at Benet Hill Monastery since July of 2011 and has recently entered her first monastic profession


  1. Tammy Saxton

    I just want to thank you for being so friendly and welcoming to me this weekend. I had such a peaceful, prayerful, restful time which is exactly what I hoped for and needed. Your hospitality made me feel very comfortable to talk about myself, or not too. There was no pressure, no questioning. Please extend my gratitude to the other Sisters I met at the meal table. I know I said I wouldn’t remember everyone’s names, but I did remember yours. Thank you again! Peace, Tammy

    • Gina Berger

      Thank you, Tammy for your kind remarks. The sisters are always happy to welcome anyone to come and spend some quiet time. Blessings!


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