Sister Mary Glenn, OSB

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Mary was born in Port Angeles, Washington, in 1943. She is the oldest of three daughters and was raised in a Catholic family that included two priest uncles and one Visitation sister aunt. After attending Mt Angel College in Oregon, she entered the Visitation Monastery in Tacoma, Washington, where she worked in retreat ministry. In 1971 she went to western Colorado to begin a new monastery with two other Visitation sisters.

In 1977 she and Sister Anne Brost left the Visitation Order and became an independent religious community in the Diocese of Pueblo.

During the following years Sister Mary continued her desire to live a simple contemplative life with time for study, manual labor and hospitality with people from Grand Junction. Manual labor became her main expression of contemplative living by gathering and cutting wood for the Fisher stove that is the heat source for the main house. Making fires everyday during the winter has been a symbol of transformation on her spiritual journey.

In 2006 she and Sister Anne Brost began a conversation with the Sisters of Benet Hill Monastery and in 2012 became permanent members of that community. The Whitewater Community near Grand Junction has now evolved into the Whitewater Benedictine Community, a mission of Benet Hill Monastery.

Since 2009 Sister Mary has helped facilitate the spiritual formation program offered by Benet Hill and now finds further enrichment in accompanying men and women on their journeys into the Divine Mystery.

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