Sister Mary Jane Vigil, OSB

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In July of 1957, I answered God’s call to Monastic Life. On August 16, 2009 I celebrated my Golden Jubilee of 50 years as a member of the Order of St. Benedict. Along with sixteen other sisters, I professed my vows at Mount Saint Scholastica Convent in Atchison, Kansas, on January 26, 1959. A native of Aguilar, Colorado, I returned to Colorado as a founding member of Benet Hill Monastery in 1965. I received a BA in History from Regis University and a diploma in Pastoral Liturgy from St. Joseph’s in Rensselaer, Indiana. I have also completed many courses and workshops in the areas of Education, Spirituality, Liturgy and Religious Education.

I was a primary teacher for 28 years in schools in Iowa, Missouri, and Colorado. During that time I enjoyed working with young children especially in the area of Sacramental preparation for First Reconciliation and First Communion. I loved the creativity of celebrating Liturgy with children especially after the Second Vatican Council when children were allowed to participate in the various ministries at Mass. Finding the unique talents of each child in the areas of music, proclamation, and various forms of prayer has been most rewarding as I watch them grow in their relationship with Jesus and carry it on into adulthood as active members of their parishes. Teaching young children kept me energized and always looking for new and innovative instructional approaches in order to meet the diverse needs of my students. I am always amazed at their thirst for knowledge, their eagerness to try many new things, and the never ending creativity of each child. While engaged in the teaching arena I always strove for collaboration in building a faith community among the students, faculty, and staff members. I was a consultant to faculty members in matters of Liturgy, church updates, and in finding ways of raising awareness of the poor and marginalized.

In 1987 I was called to serve as coordinator of Liturgy for the Community at Benet Hill Monastery. During this time I discovered a new love for the Liturgy, especially the Liturgy of the Hours. I enjoyed creating the environment for various liturgical events and the many forms of prayer and hospitality that flow from it. I worked in this capacity from 1987 until 2000, during which time I served on the Colorado Springs Diocesan Liturgical Commission and committees to plan the Diocesan celebrations of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I also served as Minister of Vocations for twelve years and was part of the vocation team in the Diocese. I reentered the teaching field in August of 2001 as the second grade teacher at Pauline Memorial Catholic School where I served for nine years. Today, I am the Director of Liturgy for Benet Hill Monastery.

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