Sister Ana Cloughly, OSB

"Be still and know that I am God."

Get to know Sister Ana Cloughly, OSB

Birthday: November 23

I’ve felt God’s call to become a sister since my teen years but did not seriously consider answering that call until I was forty. God is both insistent and persistent. A certain serenity and confidence have pervaded my life since I finally said yes and entered the monastery.  

When I first entered, I had no idea where God would lead me. It takes a great amount of trust, a trust rooted in the felt experience of God’s love. Living out this call has led me to do things I didn’t know I could do. From giving retreats to hosting conferences and to becoming the director of our Contemplative Vision ministry, I have been taken out of my comfort zone. The reward is walking with many people on their spiritual journey.  

Now, I am working full time in our Transitional Care area. There are few words that capture my gratitude for this work. It is truly a labor of love in the most positive terms. The Rule of St. Benedict tells us that we are to compete in being the first to show love to one another. Working with our older sisters has brought new meaning to this directive. Love is how we live, not just something we do. Trusting  in the loving wisdom of God has become the hallmark of my life.

Programs & Services

- Healthcare service
- Prayer ministry
- Social media ministry
- Worship ministry

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