Sister Lucile Hartmann, OSB

Be still and know that I am God."

Get to know Sister Lucile Hartmann, OSB

Birthday: July 18

I was born in Salisbury, Missouri, to Joseph and Angeline Hartmann. I am one of 12 children, seven boys and five girls. Growing up on a 160-acre farm was a life filled with many chores: cooking, cleaning, and tending to the little children. I still smile at the happy memories of my childhood which included playing baseball every Sunday afternoon with the family. At age 19 I left the farm to attend Mount Saint Scholastica. I entered the convent in January 1959, and made final vows in 1962.

After years of education and teaching I worked at the Religious Education office of the Denver Archdiocese. I then went to Benet Hill Academy where I cooked and baked for the sisters and the students. I later worked in the Benet Hill Center office, in the Development Office, shopped for groceries, and was in charge of renting space at the Center and sports center. I am the Benet Hill Academy alumnae expert, remembering our graduates by class year and maiden names. I am told that I have committed to memory more names, information, and shoe sizes of people who are affiliated with the Monastery than anyone! I still support the alumnae and their families with calls and emails, especially to offer comfort when a loved one dies.

I love to make mouth-watering, delicious baked goods and scrumptious meals. I’m usually in the kitchen by 4:00 am so that the wonderful aroma of cinnamon rolls and other goodies greet the community in the early morning hours. I hope you will come for Cinnamon Rolls Sunday, the fourth Sunday of each month, to enjoy my freshly baked rolls, coffee, and conversation after worship. I also love to stitch and create unique, beautiful items for the Benet Gift Shop and the annual Christmas Shoppe.

I am quiet and soft-spoken, but when asked to do something, I am efficient and tireless until the task is done. In my ministry of food, I am speaking to the hunger in others just as Jesus did in his ministry with the five loaves and two fishes that fed a multitude. I will feed and share gifts of food with anyone who calls on me, and offer it with a friendly smile.

Programs & Services

- Benet Gifts ministry
- Benet Hill Academy alumnae ministry
- Food service
- Prayer ministry

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