Sister Mary Glenn, OSB

“I came so that they might have life, and have it more abundantly.”

John 10:10

Get to know Sister Mary Glenn, OSB

Birthday: September 21

I was born in Port Angeles, WA, and began religious life in 1965 at the Visitation Monastery in Federal Way, WA. In 1971 I moved to western Colorado to begin a new monastery. In 1978, Sister Anne Madeleine and I became an independent religious community under the Bishop of Pueblo. We lived a simple lifestyle and offered retreats and hospitality to local groups.

In 2009, Sister Anne Madeleine and I joined Benet Hill Monastery and lived in Whitewater as a mission of Benet Hill. I enjoyed working on the property at Kannah Creek, cutting wood and making fires in the wood stove, and offering spiritual direction to our guests. Another important ministry that we offered to people on the western slopes was the Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program which offered certification as a spiritual director after two years of training. 

We moved to the monastery in 2019. where in addition to offering spiritual direction, I assisted with the retreat ministry. In 2021, I was asked to be on the leadership team as Assistant Prioress as well as a member of the council. This new ministry finds me responsible for the retreat ministry, maintenance department and on occasion shopping for the monastery. I endeavor to model Christ to my community and others through a loving presence  and compassionate listening.

I am an avid reader and bread bakers. I also love to walk the monastery grounds being nourished by God’s beauty.

Programs & Services

- Assistant Prioress
- Monastic Council
- Prayer ministry
- Retreat ministry
- Spiritual direction ministry
- Worship ministry

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