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Monastery Prayer Schedule

Dear Friends,

We are so excited to open again with some restrictions for liturgies on May 16th, 23rd and 30th.

We have missed seeing all of you at our liturgies and we are ready to open with these caveats.

We will limit our gathering to 25 family units or individuals.

  1. Please RSVP to reserve your space by calling the receptionist at 719-633-0655 with your name, phone number and the total number in your family unit.
  2. Please call to cancel 24 hours before Mass if you change your plans, so someone on the waiting list can take your place.
  3. We will continue to practice social distancing.
  4. All will be expected to wear a mask.
  5. We will welcome those who have been vaccinated and have passed the 2-week safety date.
  6. The dining room, library and oratory will remain closed.
  7. If you have any symptoms of COVID, please do not attend.
  8. If you contract COVID after the liturgy, please let us know so we can notify all other attendees.
  9. The gift shop will be open.  We ask that you social distance while shopping.
  10. You are encouraged to arrive 5-10 minutes before Mass so you can be ushered to your place.

Our Sunday Liturgy time remains 10:15 a.m.  You may sign up for only one of these dates provided so everyone has a chance to celebrate with the sisters.  If you have been placed on a waiting list you may call on Friday to see if a place has opened up.

We have missed each and everyone of you so much and are looking forward to connecting with you again through liturgy.

Sister Clare Carr, OSB



9:00 am – Morning Prayer
10:15 am – Eucharist (Mass)
5:00 pm – Sung Vespers



8:00 am – Morning Prayer
12:00 pm – Noon Prayer
5:00 pm – Vespers



7:45 am – *Mass (Call ahead as times may change)
8:15 am – Morning Prayer (after Mass)
12:00 pm – Noon Prayer
5:00 pm – Vespers


8:00 am – Morning Prayer
12:00 pm – Noon Prayer
5:00 pm – Vespers



7:45 am – *Mass (Call ahead as times may change)
8:15am – Morning Prayer (after Mass)
12:00 pm – Noon Prayer
5:00 pm – Vespers



12:00 pm – Noon Prayer
5:00 pm – Vespers



5:00 pm – Vespers

Monastic Prayer

The adhesive of a vibrant Benedictine community is its prayer life. Living Christian community as a professed Benedictine requires each monastic to seek Christ-like transformation of heart, mind and soul. This quest is nurtured through prayer that opens us to intimacy with God. Communal daily celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours, lectio divina, devotional prayer and Eucharistic liturgy are integral to the work of contemplative transformation to which Benedictines aspire.

Benedict is clear that prayer forms the heart of each member and the collective heart of the total community. He devotes more than a dozen chapters of his Rule to the work of God, his name for the daily common prayer of the community (RB 8-20). – Wisdom From the Tradition.

Come Pray with Us In the Rule of St. Benedict, Monastics are to become one in spirit, to see the Christ in the other, to share the best of our life with the one who comes, to make our relationships holy.

Daily Reading of Scripture: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops – Daily Reading

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