Sister Susan Matarrese, OSB

I was born in Janesville, Wisconsin, to Arline and Felix Matarrese. I have two brothers, Mike and Mark, and have many wonderful and happy memories of family vacations and fishing trips in northern Wisconsin. My journey in Colorado began as a VIDA (Volunteer in Diocesan Action) with the Pueblo diocese. I taught in Walsenburg, where […]

Sister Margaret Meaney, OSB

I was born in Washington State and am the youngest of 5 children. My mother developed early onset Alzheimer’s when I was in the 3rd grade. Prior to this my parents divorced. As a result of this illness, I went to live with my eldest sister in the eastern United States. Both of my parents […]

Sister Therese O’Grady, OSB

The scripture from the Gospel of John has guided my heart and helps me remember that my call to become a sister began as a child by reading the book, Damien the Leper. During that time, I had a child’s dream of going to the Island of Molokai and working with lepers. And since that […]

Sister Naomi Rosenberger, OSB

In addition to the counsel offered in the above scripture passage, I experience God’s voice as “a whisper” in my heart (l Kings 19), leading me to live out the Gospel. These two passages have challenged me throughout my faith journey to go deeper within and listen to the quiet voice of the Creator speaking […]

Sister Evangeline Salazar, OSB

It has been said: “Life is a cycle. We return to the place where we began.” That certainly has been true for me. I grew up with five brothers and two sisters, speaking Spanish and sharing all that we had. We grew up in a faith filled environment where church and God were the center […]

Sister Mary Colleen Schwarz, OSB

My journey to Benet Hill Monastery was a path of many twists and turns. As I became more spiritual awakening the call to religious life became a prayerful discernment. The passion to serve Christ as a Benedictine sister was my hope. My professional life was as a critical nurse manager and educator. Nursing was a […]

Sister Anne Stedman, OSB

In 2020, I celebrated my 60th Jubilee of vowed monastic life. At that time I reflected on some key experiences that had impacted me during my Benedictine journey. For me, the touchstone of monastic life is a small piece of the Community’s vision “we will be radical signs of God’s love and compassion.” This touchstone […]

Sister Marie Therese (MT) Summers, OSB

This is my story as one small “Baby Blue Fir Tree” in the midst of the pines of Benet Hill Monastery. On March 18 I made my debut in the midst of economic challenges, two step-brothers, a brother, and working parents. I grew and thrived with the love of my family and babysitters until I […]

Sister Mary John Thomas, OSB

Sister Mary John Thomas died with rosary in hand and peace radiating from her face. She gave her last breath to her Beloved God, a breath that sang praise to her faithful God for 90 years of life. Born in Kansas City, Kansas September 11, 1932, and given the name Dolores Margaret, she was the […]

Sister Mary Jane Vigil, OSB

In July of 1957, I answered God’s call to Monastic Life. Along with sixteen other sisters, I professed my vows at Mount Saint Scholastica Convent in Atchison, Kansas, on January 26, 1959. A native of Aguilar, Colorado, I returned to Colorado as a founding member of Benet Hill Monastery in 1965. I received a Bachelor […]