Sister Rose Ann Barmann, OSB

I celebrated a life-giving sixty years of Monastic vows in August 2020. Since I made first profession in January 1960 in Atchison, KS, I’ve never looked back. I like to describe my lived experience as a Benedictine Sister as “two hands clapping with only one sound of rejoicing.” One hand represents my transformation to seek […]

Sister Anne Madeleine Brost, OSB

I became a Visitation nun after high school in St. Paul, Minnesota. I taught mathematics and religion at the Visitation Convent School until 1971. That year I came with two other Visitation nuns to Whitewater near Grand Junction, Colorado, to begin a new Visitation Monastery. The plan for a new Visitation Monastery could not be […]

Sister Marilyn Carpenter, OSB

In the daily celebration of life, everywhere and in all things, joyfully sing praise and give thanks to God. I was born in New Almelo, Kansas, population 70. My parents Marie and Alva (affectionately known as Carp) owned and operated a general store and U.S. Post Office for 35 years. I have happy memories from […]

Sister Clare Carr, OSB

“I know my plans for you; they are plans for peace and not disaster, to give you a future with hope” ( Jeremiah 29:11). This scripture has always been a comfort to my spirit. I love to be with people, especially those seeking a deeper understanding of our humanity. I believe in the call we […]

Sister Ana Cloughly, OSB

I’ve felt God’s call to become a sister since my teen years but did not seriously consider answering that call until I was forty. God is both insistent and persistent. A certain serenity and confidence have pervaded my life since I finally said yes and entered the monastery.   When I first entered, I had […]

Sister Elizabeth Cogan, OSB

I am the sixth of seven children born to John and Elizabeth Cogan. I grew up on the family ranch between Nathrop and Buena Vista, Colorado. The Arkansas River runs through the Cogan Ranch and it is by the river that I found my quiet, spirit-filled time by fishing and wandering in secluded areas. When […]

Sister Jan Ginzkey, OSB

I am from the Midwest, born in Missouri. I lived in Kansas and Illinois before moving to Colorado. My parents were Bob and Mary, and I have a sister and four brothers. Growing up in the family, I developed a solid foundation of faith and work ethic with a sense of responsibility. Our family spent […]

Sister Mary Glenn, OSB

Sister Mary Glenn died peacefully in the afternoon, surrounded by four of her Benedictine Sisters. Mary Margaret Glenn was born in Port Angeles, Washington. Water, and all of nature, have always been Mary’s sure source of Divine Life. Mary grew up in Port Angeles with her parents, Lucile Weers and James Bernard Glenn, and her […]

Sister Lucile Hartmann, OSB

I was born in Salisbury, Missouri, to Joseph and Angeline Hartmann. I am one of 12 children, seven boys and five girls. Growing up on a 160-acre farm was a life filled with many chores: cooking, cleaning, and tending to the little children. I still smile at the happy memories of my childhood which included […]

Sister Deb Kuhl, OSB

I entered Benet Hill Monastery in 1974, after teaching with the Benedictines in Walsenburg, Colorado for two years as a VIDA (Volunteers in Diocesan Action) volunteer. My early years as a Benedictine were spent doing parish ministry throughout Colorado. In 1982 I became a fully professed member of this community. To put on the mind […]