Sister Anne Madeleine Brost, OSB

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Sister Anne Madeleine Brost has been a member of the Benet Hill Monastery Community since 2009. She became a Visitation nun after high school in St. Paul, Minnesota. There she taught mathematics and religion at the Visitation Convent School until 1971 when she came, with two other Visitation nuns, to Whitewater, near Grand Junction, Colorado, to begin a new Visitation Monastery.

The plan for a new Visitation Monastery could not be fulfilled, but the Sisters remained in their new location and continued to live the monastic way of life as sisters in the Diocese of Pueblo. They are known as the “Whitewater Sisters.” In 2009, the Whitewater Sisters became Benedictine Sisters and the Whitewater Community is now a mission of Benet Hill Monastery.

An especially significant event in Sister Anne Madeleine’s Benedictine life was her trip to Einsiedlen, Switzerland in 2011 to attend a conference on Jungian psychology. There she visited the chapel of the Black Madonna in the Benedictine Abbey Church. People come to this “Black” Mary praying for help in difficult times. It seems that Mary helps one to bear pain and sorrow, but she does not necessarily remove the suffering. Relating to this aspect of Mary, Jesus’ mother, helps Sister Anne Madeleine to realize the presence of the Divine in everything, even in the most difficult events of life. Sharing this awareness of God in All and All in God is a basic message that Sister Anne Madeleine tries to bring to retreatants who come to the Whitewater Benedictine Community.



  1. Mary Melady

    Dear Anne,
    Thinking of you on your Jubilee Day and wishing you all the graces and blessings that this day brings.
    Celebrate and rejoice!
    Mary Melady, O.S.B.

  2. Rosemary

    Dear Sister Anne. Con and I think of your often. You and Mary were important people in our spiritual growth. We thank you for that. Blessings to you.


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