Sister Rose Ann Barmann, OSB

I celebrated a life-giving sixty years of Monastic vows in August 2020. Since I made first profession in January 1960 in Atchison, KS, I’ve never looked back. I like to describe my lived experience as a Benedictine Sister as “two hands clapping with only one sound of rejoicing.” One hand represents my transformation to seek […]

Sister Anne Madeleine Brost, OSB

I became a Visitation nun after high school in St. Paul, Minnesota. I taught mathematics and religion at the Visitation Convent School until 1971. That year I came with two other Visitation nuns to Whitewater near Grand Junction, Colorado, to begin a new Visitation Monastery. The plan for a new Visitation Monastery could not be […]

Sister Clare Carr, OSB

“I know my plans for you; they are plans for peace and not disaster, to give you a future with hope” ( Jeremiah 29:11). This scripture has always been a comfort to my spirit. I love to be with people, especially those seeking a deeper understanding of our humanity. I believe in the call we […]

Sister Ana Cloughly, OSB

I’ve felt God’s call to become a sister since my teen years but did not seriously consider answering that call until I was forty. God is both insistent and persistent. A certain serenity and confidence have pervaded my life since I finally said yes and entered the monastery.   When I first entered, I had […]

Sister Margaret Meaney, OSB

I was born in Washington State and am the youngest of 5 children. My mother developed early onset Alzheimer’s when I was in the 3rd grade. Prior to this my parents divorced. As a result of this illness, I went to live with my eldest sister in the eastern United States. Both of my parents […]

Sister Therese O’Grady, OSB

The scripture from the Gospel of John has guided my heart and helps me remember that my call to become a sister began as a child by reading the book, Damien the Leper. During that time, I had a child’s dream of going to the Island of Molokai and working with lepers. And since that […]

Sister Evangeline Salazar, OSB

It has been said: “Life is a cycle. We return to the place where we began.” That certainly has been true for me. I grew up with five brothers and two sisters, speaking Spanish and sharing all that we had. We grew up in a faith filled environment where church and God were the center […]

Sister Mary Colleen Schwarz, OSB

My journey to Benet Hill Monastery was a path of many twists and turns. As I became more spiritual awakening the call to religious life became a prayerful discernment. The passion to serve Christ as a Benedictine sister was my hope. My professional life was as a critical nurse manager and educator. Nursing was a […]

Sister Marie Therese (MT) Summers, OSB

This is my story as one small “Baby Blue Fir Tree” in the midst of the pines of Benet Hill Monastery. On March 18 I made my debut in the midst of economic challenges, two step-brothers, a brother, and working parents. I grew and thrived with the love of my family and babysitters until I […]